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Keeping and Selling Python Skins

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Registered Florida Python Challenge™ 2020 Python Bowl participants who wish to keep the skin of a harvested Burmese python should indicate this preference by checking the appropriate box on the data sheet turned in with the snake at a designated check-station location. When possible, these skins will be made available to the participant after the snake is measured for official entry.

While not every Burmese python skin is marketable some companies may be able to tan your Burmese python skin and return it to you or may purchase the skin from you. The following vendors have asked that we provide their information.


Vendor Information

All American Gator is interested in purchasing Burmese python skins. Contact them at or call Brian (954) 868-8100, Chris (954) 249-5262 or Jake (954) 249-5269.

Ryan Ausburn at Feel the Burm.

Dale Ceballos at Creative Aztec, LLC 321-268-0817, or

Dusty Crum at Florida Everglades Collectio; or

John Hammond at Rocks and Bones, LLC 407-832-6680, or

Donna Kalil at

Phil Kelton at Dragon Backbone is interested in buying python skins. For a fee, he can tan them and fashion them into a product such as a wallet. Dragon Backbone can be reached at 352-454-7644 or online at

Mike Kimmel at Python Cowboy, 772-634-3869, or

Pan American Leathers Inc. Contact them at (978) 741-4150, or