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Florida Python Challenge® Registration Form

Note: Information you provide to the FWC is public record, unless you are exempt from public records requests. If you are exempt, please contact to ensure your privacy.

Registration Information

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Before registering for the Florida Python Challenge®, participants are required to take the Florida Python Challenge® Online Training. Please reserve about 30 minutes to complete this learning module. While you may take the training as many times as you like, you must complete the training and pass the quiz at the end by scoring at least 85% to register for the Florida Python Challenge®. Participants will need their training certificate’s completion code to complete registration. The Completion Code is located at the bottom of your Certificate of Achievement which you received after passing the quiz. Please enter the Completion Code below.

I understand after reading the rules it is my responsibility to ensure all python submissions and corresponding datasheets are true and accurate. Any occurrences of fraud may result in criminal prosecution.

Registrants may not have had any prior convictions for fish or wildlife violations or animal cruelty, including violations of Title 68, Florida Administrative Code, or Chapters 379 or 828, Florida Statutes.

Youth under age 18 must have their parent or legal guardian complete their registration. Youth must also be accompanied by a registered adult while participating in the competition.

By checking this box I am agreeing, for myself and my heirs, to indemnify and hold the State of Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and Florida Python Challenge® partners harmless from any and all claims or demands due to any personal injury or property damage resulting from or occurring in connection with any activities relating to my participation, or the participation of my children, in the Florida Python Challenge®. I understand that these activities are inherently dangerous, and I am freely and voluntarily assuming that risk.

Registration is non-refundable. Registration funds will support this event and future nonnative species removal activities. 

If you experience problems when registering, please do not enter your payment information multiple times. Email the Python Challenge team for assistance.

Confirmation and Payment

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