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Frequently Asked Questions

The intent of the Florida Python Challenge® is to raise public awareness about Burmese pythons in Florida and how this invasive species is a threat to the Everglades ecosystem, including native wildlife. Through the Florida Python Challenge®, knowledge will be shared about Burmese pythons in Florida and the threats they pose, encouragement given for continued removal of these invasive snakes by the public, and highlights provided on the importance of responsible pet ownership so nonnative species such as Burmese pythons are not released into the wild.

The Florida Python Challenge® is a ten-day competition, challenging participants to remove as many Burmese pythons from Florida’s public lands as possible. This year there will also be increased virtual educational and training opportunities with the Florida Python Challenge®.

The Burmese python is a large, nonvenomous constrictor snake that is an invasive species in Florida. Burmese pythons were introduced to Florida via the pet trade and are now well established in the Everglades, where the snake represents a threat to the ecosystem, including native wildlife. Burmese pythons prey on native Florida species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

Registered participants do not need a Florida hunting license or a Wildlife Management Area permit to participate in the Florida Python Challenge®. FWC Python Action Team members and SFWMD Python Elimination Program members must follow the terms and conditions in their contracts while participating in Competition Locations.

Yes. To compete in the Florida Python Challenge® people who are not Florida residents are required to complete the same required online training and registration as Florida residents.

Yes. In 2020, the FWC issued Executive Order 20-17 that allows for year-long lethal take of nonnative reptiles in 25 FWC-managed public lands in South Florida. Neither a hunting license nor WMA permit are required to conduct these activities in these areas. More information about removing Burmese pythons in Florida is available on the FWC website.