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Tagged research python

Scout Snakes – Do Not Remove

Burmese pythons tagged for scientific study may be found in Big Cypress WMA, Everglades Francis S. Taylor WMA and adjacent lands during the event. These pythons are clearly labeled with fluorescent orange external tags.

These snakes will count as a capture in the competition. They should not be harmed or killed.

Close up of research tags with ID number visible

If you capture a scout snake, take a picture of the external orange tag (near the head or tail) with the identification number and release the animal alive at the site of capture. Submit the photograph of the tag number with capture location (GPS) and date to or within 24 hours of capture to receive credit for the capture. Participants do not need to measure the scout snake; the research agencies will provide the known lengths of any                                                                                      captured scout snakes.

Participants must adhere to competition location road closures within Big Cypress WMA which include closure of Birdon Road from US HWY 41(25.901547, -81.310739) to lower Wagon Wheel Road (25.965198, -81.311478) and includes Pine Oak Road (25.927962, -81.310813). Bass Lake Road (25.901234, -81.294523) will also be closed for the competition. Participants may not access these roads by vehicle or on foot to hunt for pythons.

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