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The Florida Python Challenge™ 2020 Python Bowl

Governor Ron DeSantis

The Florida Everglades is an extraordinary ecosystem unlike any other in the world! It is home to a variety of rare and unique wildlife including a diversity of native birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. 

However, some reptiles do not belong there and pose a threat to native wildlife. To address this, Governor DeSantis asked the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the South Florida Water Management District to bring back the Python Challenge™. In 2020, FWC and SFWMD are teaming up with the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida to bring you the Python Bowl!

The Florida Python Challenge™ 2020 Python Bowl, sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and The Bergeron Everglades Museum and Wildlife Foundation, is an exciting conservation effort that will help protect the rare Everglades habitat and the animals that live there from these invasive, nonnative snakes.

Picture of Python Bowl Shirt

Register Now!

The Florida Python Challenge™ 2020 Python Bowl has begun, but you can still register for this one-of-a-kind event and get your exclusive Python Bowl T-shirt. 


Please visit our website often for updates on the Florida Python Challenge™ 2020 Python Bowl!